Saturday, February 2, 2013

Silly Tree Anthologies Name that Title!

As I said in my last post, writers and authors are great about helping each other out. Silly Tree Anthologies is a brand new publication, organized by several writer friends. There goal is to help people get published. No, they don't pay money, right now, but that is not always the goal. Remember that writers have to get their name out there and need help with promotion!

Silly Tree Anthologies recently ran a contest to name their first book. The group had already chosen a theme for the first book and sent out a call for submissions. Which, by the way, I have already answered! The theme is "Love Gone Wrong." Anyway, they announced this contest to name the title of the book.

I submitted what I thought fit really well, and guess what? I won! The group at Silly Tree Anthologies thought my little old title was a great fit. By being selected as the winner, I will recieve a free digital copy of the book when it comes out. I am thrilled with that, but really I did it to help them out, and because I enjoy coming up with titles and least for everyone else!

Anyway, the cover is fantastic and I wanted to give you guys a sneek peek! If you want to know more about Silly Tree Anthologies, you should check out their site HERE

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sillytreeanthologies said...

We really did love the title, Donna. It fit the theme of Love Gone Wrong perfectly!