Saturday, January 21, 2012

Virtual Book Tour of "Bubba to the Rescue" Coming Soon!

Jennifer Walker, the author of Bubba to the Rescue and I are both published at Twin Trinity Media. I was thrilled when Jennifer, a very talented author, actually helped edit my short story. When she began talking about setting up a virtual tour for her book, I knew I wanted her to visit my Weaving Words Writer's Gallery!

So, you might be asking, what is a virtual book tour? Well, it is much like getting to see the book and meeting the author in a brick and mortar bookstore, but it is done on line. Isn't that great? No driving or fighting mobs to have a sneak peek at a great book.

Twin Trinity Media has the book Bubba to the Rescue on it's way to me now. I hope my postman doesn't nab it for his own reading pleasure! (Just kidding, let's not offend my postman, he does bring my bills!) Anyway, I will read the book in it's entirety and then I will post a review of what I thought of the book, on the day of Jennifer Walker's virtual tour.

All you have to do is come visit my blog that day, read what I have to say, leave comments, see what other people had to say...and hopefully buy your own copy of Bubba to the Rescue. Isn't the Internet great?

My tour date for Bubba to the Rescue is March 14, 2012. Mark your calendar to grab a cup of coffee and stop in to meet Jennifer walker and hear what we are all saying about her book. Jennifer loves my enthusiasm, and has even told me I was funny, so the tour is bound to be a lot of fun for all of us!

If you can't wait for the virtual tour, you can click here -> Twin Trinity Media and check it out now, but I sure hope you will join us for the fun on March 14th. Stop in and see me again, you never know what book I might be reviewing next! Hey, I might even tell you about one I am working on....