Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Writers: Take a Break During the Day and Still Make a Buck or Two

Does it seem like you are pounding away at the keyboard even harder these days to make ends meet? Well you are not alone, as many freelance writers are spending more and more hours working on articles, fiction or whatever else they need to do to pay the bills.

Do you find yourself wanting to take a break and then feeling guilty because you really should be doing something productive to earn some money? Yeah, I have felt like that too! I used to take a break and spend time on social media sites, reading and chatting just to clear my mind of all the writing I had been doing that required research and concentration. But then, I felt gulity because I wasn't working.

Thanks to being referred by a friend, I found a great way to take a break from more tedious writing, enjoy reading and chatting, and continue to make a little money while I was doing it. The site my friend told me about is called Chat About. com. It is a lot like a social media site, yet you can earn points for commenting, answering questions, asking questions and a host of other things. Then, you redeem your points for cold hard cash, sent to your paypal, or for Amazon Gift cards.

If you want to earn there by writing, you can do that too. A quick review or article that you know something about will earn you bonus points. The best thing about the site is that the admins are great at monitoring everything and answering any questions you have very quickly.

You can also find other sites on line where you can earn points and rewards for doing little things while you take a writing break, but Chatabout.com is the one that I really enjoy, because there is the commenting and interaction with other people and I enjoy that!

It's kind of a win-win situation when you really want to take a break, but really need to keep on making money.  I'll even through in my referral link incase you want to go check the site out. Yep, I do earn a little by referring you and when you earn points, but hey, a girl has to keep on working even when she is taking a break. And just think, you will be able to do the same thing once you are signed up!

Just go here:  http://chatabout.com/home/53881 Happy chatting!