Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Three Words Wednesday Micro Fiction - grimace, phase, stumble

I have missed a few Wednesdays, but I hope you all enjoy this little story!

It Doesn’t Matter by Donna Thacker

Paula grimaced as her 16 year old daughter, Tiffany, came running down the stairs. She knew an argument was about to erupt and her head was pounding already.

“Where you going?” Paula asked as quietly and politely as she could manage.

“Out, DUH!” was Tiffany’s curt and sarcastic reply. “What do you think?” Tiffany paraded in front of her mother to show off the outfit she was wearing.

Paula took a silent inventory. Short black denim skirt, black netted stockings, black boots and a black halter top adorned her daughters near womanhood body. Tiffany’s hair was dyed a jet black, but at least it matched her heavy black eyeliner and lipstick.

“Doesn’t look much different than when you usually go out.” Paula replied quietly. “It never matters what I think, anyway.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah Mother, I know. I look trashy, I’m too young to dress like this, where’s my pretty blonde hair….does that about cover it?”

“Tiffany please, I have a terrible headache.” Paula whispered.

“As usual!” Tiffany spat with disgust. “I am leaving!”

“When will you be back? You never told me where you were going. Who you going with?” Paula’s questions were almost desperate, as she thought of her beautiful teenage daughter out on the streets yet again, dressed the way she was.

“Doesn’t matter when I’ll be back, now does it Mother?” Tiffany’s blue eyes flashed anger as she peered into her mother’s flushed face. Her face softened for just a second as she peered at her mother. No! even her mother’s flushed, painful face couldn’t phase her anymore. Shaking her head, she turned on her heel and marched loudly out the door.

The stomping of those boots leaving nearly caused Paula’s head to explode with pain. Sadly she shrugged, “Guess it doesn’t matter.” She whispered to the empty room. Slowly, Paula got up out of the chair she had been sitting in.

She reached for the bottle of beer that was on the table, took one last swig and pitched it to the floor where it clattered amongst the many others that lay there at her feet. The sound caused her head to pound worse. With her hands out for balance, Paula stumbled her way through the filthy house to find her bed.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Diagnosing Dogs with Intestinal Lymphangiectasia
I am not a Veterinarian. I am the owner of a dog that has been ill for several months. If your dog is suffering from weight loss, swelling with fluid or has diarrhea and you and your vet have not found the source, this information may help.
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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Trapped: Three Word Wednesday, Micro Fiction

Sweat poured off of Jack as he tried to move the huge rock. “It won’t budge!” he grimaced, with his teeth clenched. He stood up and looked around at the desolate mountain top. There wasn’t anyone for miles and miles. No help, no one to hear the calls for help…

“Jack, help me!”

Jack looked down at the man pinned beneath the boulder. He felt a sadness that was too large to express. This man had been his dear friend for so many years. They had gone to school together, they had partied together. Hell, Carl had been Jack’s best man when he had married his high school sweetheart!

“I can’t move it by myself Carl!” He told the man pinned beneath the rock. Jack was torn between the decisions he had. Did he stay and keep trying to free Carl, or did he leave as his mind kept telling him he must.

Carl groaned beneath the weight of the rock that had him pinned to the mountainside. “God, Jack it hurts!” The man groaned, as sweat poured down amongst the blood that was oozing from the cut on his forehead.

“I know Carl, I know!” Jack spoke soothingly. “It hurts, but it will soon be alright. I promise. I’m going to leave you now.”

“Jack? What? No, Jack!” The man pleaded in panic. “Don’t leave me here alone.”

“I have to Carl, I have no choice.” Jack spoke softly. “You were my friend Carl, my very best friend…”

As Jack started nimbly down the scattered rocks and boulders, he heard Carl’s agonizing screams. His friend pleaded with him to come back, begged him not to go, but Jack continued down the path he knew so well.

As he walked and scooted down the treacherous mountainside, his clothes became dirty and torn. He would continue until he was exhausted himself. He had to. It would be miles of rough country, but he would make it.

Jack suddenly slid and tumbled, scraping his head on a jagged rock. He caught himself quickly. When he felt the trickle of blood, he began to smile. The theory would be that he had nearly killed himself in an effort to save his best friend, who had gotten trapped as they were mountain climbing. He would be the hero; everyone would applaud him…except maybe his wife.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Moment In Time

Cassie sprawled in the thick underbrush of the woods trying not to move or swat at the biting mosquitoes. She had been there for hours, waiting, watching, and being very alone and quiet.

That didn’t matter because Cassie had gotten use to being alone. She had also gotten used to the quiet. It had taken awhile, but gradually she came to realize that quiet wasn’t so bad. Quiet was better than all of the lying and the arguing. She had decided that they should all have some “quiet.”

At first, Cassie had hurt and angry. “Why would he abandon me?” Then, she found at the truth. The truth was just beyond the edge of this thick forest she was hiding in. There he was, laughing and happy with his arms around another woman, while she lay in this forest all miserable and missing him.

“Well, no more!” Cassie whispered. She would not cry. She would not feel sorry for herself. Cassie watched as he moved out into the lawn with this woman who had stolen him away from here. She was the reason Cassie was now alone. Cassie cried, while she laughed.

Cassie squinted against the suns glare to watch their every move. He was getting ready to leave for work. Cassie knew the routine so well. The exact minute the exact way he had always left…except it used to be from her house.

Here it comes! She thought excitedly. She watched as he leaned closer to the woman he had left her for. At the precise moment the two of them kissed goodbye, Cassie raised the rifle and fired….

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nobody Cares : Three Word Wednesday

Some of my writer friends participate in “Three Word Wednesday.” This is where you are given 3 words and then you must write something and post a link on the prompt site ( I decided it might be fun to add this to my gallery.

Laura stared into the cabinet with dread. It didn’t matter how long she stood there, the contents just would not change so she slammed the door and sat at the tiny kitchen table. Holding her head in her hands, she gave in and let the tears slide down her cheeks.

“What am I going to do?” She asked the empty room. She knew it wouldn’t answer her, after all nobody ever answered her. Nobody answered her when she asked why the factory had closed.

Nobody had answered her when she asked where she and her 3 children were supposed to live now that she had no money to pay the rent. Nobody had answered her when she wondered how she was going to pacify her hungry children. Nobody cared…

Nobody here in this trailer park cared that her children would be home from school soon. Nobody cared that they would be hungry. Nobody had even spoken two words to her since she and her 3 children had been forced to move into this tiny little space that was supposed to be home.

Laura was startled from her misery by a rustling sound at the front door. “Burglar or bill collector?” She panicked. With a slight laugh she pulled herself up from the table. “Either one is going to be sorely disappointed.”

Cautiously, she pulled open the creaking front door and peeped out. For a second, she couldn't grasp what was happening. With a squeal of surprise, she threw the door open wide and caught a glimpse of the woman that lived in the next trailer scurrying across the gravel driveway.

“Maybe someone does care.” Laura thought as she struggled to drag the huge box of groceries into her tiny home. For the first time in months, a smile spread across her face, as she made plans to fix her children a wonderful dinner.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Under Construction: Come Back Soon!

I am building this gallery to be a show place for the words I have created. I hope you return soon as this gallery begins to grow and shine with all of the words I have to offer. I will offer something for everyone. There will be links to other sites that host my articles, plus there will be a host of small bites of fiction and poetry for you to nibble on.

Please keep Weaving Words Writing Gallery in mind when you feel like browsing through a creative world of words!