Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Miro the Dragon, by Teresa Berg

I got to thinking that a lot of you have children and might appreciate a recommendation on books for them to read, so I decided to include a "Recommended Reading for Children" tab on my blog. I have grandchildren that enjoy reading and I happily buy or suggest books for them too.

Most of these books will be by writers that I have a personal (or at least an Internet) acquaintance with. As a writer myself, I am always interested in what other writers are doing, even if it isn't the type of book I am normally drawn to. I enjoy children's books and have even considered trying my hand at them, so who knows, you might see me posting one of my own here.. 

This little book caught my eye, so it will be the first of many! How cute is this cover?

Miro the Dragon lives in a place called Drakonia, the land of dragons. He is a tiny little creature who is frightened by everything around him. Miro wants most of all to be a "real" dragon and sets out to accomplish that. He meets some unusual friends along his journey and learns many valuable lessons.

You can buy this book in paperback or as a digital download if your child has an e-reader. Just click on the blue link above the picture and it will take you to Amazon where you can read more about the book or the author. Be sure to stop back by and let me know how your child liked Miro the Dragon. I'll gladly pass the information on to the author!

Til next time...happy reading!

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