Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Trapped: Three Word Wednesday, Micro Fiction

Sweat poured off of Jack as he tried to move the huge rock. “It won’t budge!” he grimaced, with his teeth clenched. He stood up and looked around at the desolate mountain top. There wasn’t anyone for miles and miles. No help, no one to hear the calls for help…

“Jack, help me!”

Jack looked down at the man pinned beneath the boulder. He felt a sadness that was too large to express. This man had been his dear friend for so many years. They had gone to school together, they had partied together. Hell, Carl had been Jack’s best man when he had married his high school sweetheart!

“I can’t move it by myself Carl!” He told the man pinned beneath the rock. Jack was torn between the decisions he had. Did he stay and keep trying to free Carl, or did he leave as his mind kept telling him he must.

Carl groaned beneath the weight of the rock that had him pinned to the mountainside. “God, Jack it hurts!” The man groaned, as sweat poured down amongst the blood that was oozing from the cut on his forehead.

“I know Carl, I know!” Jack spoke soothingly. “It hurts, but it will soon be alright. I promise. I’m going to leave you now.”

“Jack? What? No, Jack!” The man pleaded in panic. “Don’t leave me here alone.”

“I have to Carl, I have no choice.” Jack spoke softly. “You were my friend Carl, my very best friend…”

As Jack started nimbly down the scattered rocks and boulders, he heard Carl’s agonizing screams. His friend pleaded with him to come back, begged him not to go, but Jack continued down the path he knew so well.

As he walked and scooted down the treacherous mountainside, his clothes became dirty and torn. He would continue until he was exhausted himself. He had to. It would be miles of rough country, but he would make it.

Jack suddenly slid and tumbled, scraping his head on a jagged rock. He caught himself quickly. When he felt the trickle of blood, he began to smile. The theory would be that he had nearly killed himself in an effort to save his best friend, who had gotten trapped as they were mountain climbing. He would be the hero; everyone would applaud him…except maybe his wife.