Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Meet Jennifer Walker, author of “Bubba to the Rescue”

So, Jennifer Walker decided to do a virtual book tour to promote Book Two of the Green Meadow Series, called "Bubba to the Rescue." I was thrilled to be asked to host one of her stops here on my little blog. A virtual book tour is just like a real life book tour; except it saves you some actual walking! You can follow the book tour around from blog to blog, just by clicking your mouse. Pretty cool huh?

The idea is to read the book and post a review on your blog, but I tend to be a little different at times, so first I want to talk about why you or your child should read books written by Jennifer Walker. I got to know Jennifer because we are both Twin Trinity Media authors. She helped me edit my short story before it was published. Granted, our only interaction has been through email and facebook, but I know if distance allowed, we would be great “in real life” friends.

Jennifer is a likable, helpful, talented person. So, what’s that got to do with her books, you ask? Don’t you have a favorite author that you love to read? As soon as anything new comes out that they wrote you want to run right out and grab it, right? Read just one of Jennifer Walker’s books and you’ll be hooked and want to read anything and everything she writes. Let me tell you why.

"Bubba Goes National" and "Bubba to the Rescue" are centered on a girl and her love of horses. Yes, it is fiction, but Jennifer is also an avid horsewoman. Her passion and knowledge shines through in these books. It’s almost like she is sitting right there beside you telling you about her own adventures with the horses she loves. From the moment she introduces you to Leslie, the young 13 year old, in "Bubba Goes National", you’ll be hooked and will want to follow Leslie all around Green Meadow Stables as she works to pay for her riding lessons.

You’ll follow Leslie right into book two, “Bubba to the Rescue,” and nearly panic with fear as you find her and her boyfriend fighting a fire to save the stables and horses that she loves. You’ll worry when a young horse follows them through the flames, and ask the same question Leslie did, “Where did he come from?” Where did “Spark” come from? Does Leslie get to keep him, does she find his owner? Well, you see…..(You didn’t think I was going to tell you did you?)

Jennifer Walker will introduce you to Leslie, but she will become your friend as you continue reading, and that’s because of the way Jennifer writes. She pulls you right in and you can’t help but become part of the story. Jennifer will definitely become the author you want your young teen to read!

Yes, the Green Meadows Series is written for children and teens, but I enjoyed them thoroughly and can’t wait to have my two granddaughters read them, because I know they will enjoy them too. Many of us enjoyed the Little House on the Prairie Series because Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote them with such knowledge and passion. You are going to find that same knowledge and passion in "Bubba Goes National" and "Bubba to the Rescue." You really need to order them, curl up with your daughter, granddaughter, niece, etc. and start reading!

Here is all the information you need to keep up with Jennifer and to order her books:

Walker Writing Services

Bubba to the Rescue at Twin Trinity Media

Bubba to the Rescue at Amazon

Stop back by after you have read one of Jennifer Walker's books and let me know how you liked them. I know you are going to enjoy them and Jennifer will soon be one of your and your teen's favorite authors. Leave a comment and let Jennifer know you stopped by. She will be stopping in sometime today.