Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Welcome to the Next Big Thing Blog Hop

A blog hop is a great way to discover new people! You’ll find authors, crafters, gardeners…well basically all kinds of people have blogs. Doing a blog hop helps you to find all of these creative folks. I am so glad you hopped in to learn a bit about me and the books I write.

First I’d like to thank Langley Watts Cornwell for inviting me to this event. Did you hop over from her blog? If not you should check her out at Langley Writes. She has some pretty interesting reading on her blog. Leave her a comment and tell her Donna sent you!

Langley sent me some questions to answer and I sent those questions on to the writers that are linked at the bottom. We will try to answer them without rambling on, but you know a writer just loves words! I hope you enjoy the blog hop and have found some writers you might like.

What do I write? To be honest, I write whatever strikes me at the time. I have written love stories, paranormal stories and am considering venturing into horror. I guess I am eclectic!

Where do my ideas come from? Another writer and I were just discussing this earlier and the truth is, I don’t know where the ideas come from. I apparently have a lot of characters in my head and when they decide it is time, they start showing me their story, just like a movie. When that happens, I sit down at the computer and listen to them.

Who publishes my stories? My first story was published with a traditional publisher. The second one is called “Night Dreams” and I self-published it on Amazon. Night Dreams is a short story that just sort of popped into my head. I’d love to hear what you think of it!

What am I working on now? I never work on just one thing. The characters all get too pushy and each group wants a turn to tell their story, so I work on whoever is talking the loudest. I currently have a short story being edited that will appear in an anthology in the next few months.

 I am also working on a full length novel called “Lavender Wheels: Jessica’s Inheritance” and those pesky characters tell me it is going to be a series! They plan to keep me busy, I guess. Stop in and see me from time to time and I’ll let you know how it is going!

It’s been great telling you a little about me and my stories…but the characters in my head are starting to raise a ruckus, so I guess I need to go tend to them! Before I leave, let me introduce you to a few writer friends you may find interesting.

Lyn Lomasi: Heart ‘n Mind Paw Rescue (Lyn is a writer, homeschool Mom, works at Yahoo plus is opening a pet rescue soon!

Joshua Hicks: Writer Joshua Hicks Josh is not only a talented writer, he does fantastic reviews of other authors!

Tammy Lee Morris Samples: Tammy Lee Morris, Author Tammy is the queen of vampire stories among many others! If you love a good chiller, check her out!