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The Birth of Jaiden 
 Jennifer Malone Wright

I read this book in two days. Once I started reading it, I was so involved that I couldn't stand to put it down. The story line is about vampires, witches, angels and bad guys. Sounds like a strange mixture, doesn't it? I was  intrigued by the way Jennifer entwined these character's lives into such a believable tale of vampire heroism! 

The main character is Alexander, who is a vampire that has lost much in his "before" and "after" life. He is a "good guy" vampire that breaks into a local church to talk with God. He wants so badly to see the sunlight once agan go that he goes to dangerous lengths to make it possible. Though he owns many casinos, he still feels like he has no real purpose in his life...that is until baby Jaiden enters the picture.
The Great Council is made up of a strange group of individuals, all with special powers of their own. They have specific plans and goals they must carry out to keep the balance between humans and the it or not. Victoria, is an old witch council member, that you will either love or hate immediately! Where does Jaiden fit into all of this? 

Jaiden is a tiny baby that Alexander found in the trash. She is destined to be of great value to the world...depending on how she is raised. It is Alex's job to raise her properly and protect her from the evil ones that want her for their own devious reasons. Jennifer writes this story in such a way that you will believe you are right there in the midst of the sometimes terrifying, sometimes almost funny battles that ensue over this tiny baby girl. You'll laugh when Victoria, the really old witch, has to take her clothes off to become invisible!

Never have a read a tale of vampires, witches, demons and angels with such an interesting twist. But I'll tell you, that Jennifer has left the ending wide open to lead right into another segment of The Birth of Jaiden. I have it by good information that the next portion of Jaiden's life is already in the works, and I can't wait to see what Jennifer Wright Malone comes up with next! This is a must read book for all you vampire, witch and demon lovers out there. You'll enjoy this though provoking twist on what a vampires life is really like!

You can order the book on Amazon or on Good Reads. Just search The Birth of Jaiden, by Jennifer Malone Wright

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I agree, very awesome book!