Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Authors are Proud of Their New "Babies" and Would Love to Thank Every Reader

When an author publishes a new story, it is much like having a new baby. We fuss, we watch, we worry and at the same time we are thrilled at what we accomplished. Yes, we may talk about the book, just like we would a new baby. We will post pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or anywhere else we can let people know what we have accomplished.

What you may not know is that authors are just as thrilled by the compliments as a new parent is. As we watch our sales numbers climb, we are just as thrilled as a new parent watching a baby grow. When someone compliments our writing style or a story they just read, we are proud and happy!

Sometimes we hear these compliments from friends and family and it is easy to respond back with a "Thank you." Most of the time we may never know who has purchased our stories. We may even see a review someone left somewhere and there is no way to contact the person back. But! Authors do appreciate each and every purchase and kind word readers have to say about their work.

My newest story, Night Dreams, has been available for a little over a week as a digital download on Amazon. It has sold 7 copies and has 3 very nice 5 star reviews on it. I would like to say a great big "Thank You" to every one of those 7 people, but I only know the names of the 3 who left reviews. So, please know that while we may not be able to say thank you to all of our readers, we do appreciate each and every one of you!

A good way to give an author a chance to say thank you is to join their Facebook writing page or follow them on Twitter. Drop them a line and let them know you read their story and enjoyed it. Chances are, they will respond with a great big "Thank you."

I would love to have you all come join my writers page on Facebook so I can get to know you and say "thanks for reading!" You can find me HERE.

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