Monday, June 13, 2011

Taking on a Writing Challenge - Can You Keep Up?

A fellow writer friend, Lyn Lomasi, challenges herself daily to do more than any "normal" person can even imagine. Sometimes she throws the challenges out to other writers in our Facebook writing group. Her last one asks, "Can you keep up?" My honest answer was, "No, I cannot!"

Motivation is a good thing, so even though many of us cannot keep up with Lyn Lomasi, we do try to come up with our own challenges to motivate ourselves. We try to keep track of each other and Lyn is great about asking, "How you guys doing?" The idea is not to compete with each other, it is to help us all focus and accomplish more than we are now doing. We all say, "I need to do more."

I, for instance, have a TV beat that I write for Yahoo TV. The show comes on at 8pm central time. After I have lounged on the couch for an hour, I know longer feel like writing, so I have been waiting until the next morning to write my article.

Link Yes, procrastination is a bad habit I am challenging myself to break! Last night, I watched the show and then immediately went to my laptop and wrote the article and submitted it. Yay, me!

Taking on a writing challenge does not have to mean writing as many articles as your fellow writers do in a days time. It really means challenging yourself to do what you know you are capable of. Just don't get to zealous with your challenge to yourself, or you'll find yourself frustrated and overwhelmed.

I have neglected this blog for awhile. Part of my challenge to myself is to keep it active. You all can help motivate me by watching for new posts. If you don't see one every few days, drop me a line and say, "Hey, how about a new post?"


Lisa said...

Good stuff! Keep it up. :)

Lyn Lomasi, said...

Awesome! Keep up the great work and thanks for the shout-out.